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How it Works
Website2Go is an automated, online web site manager that empowers you, the site owner, to create and maintain your web presence yourself, using an intuitive set of editing and management tools that you control through the web browser you're using right now.

We know that you're busy running your business and don't have the time to research and write all the compelling content your site will need to keep customers coming back, time after time, to see your message. So we've created a large and diverse collection of business templates, with text and high-quality images already in place, to get your new business web site up and running in minutes. You can keep or change anything in the template to suit your business needs. New templates are in constant development, so please let us know if you don't see what you need. Of course, you may also design your own site from scratch, using the same tools we did to build this site.

We also know you're too busy to install and master another major piece of software, so we've designed our tools to be exceptionally easy to learn and use. Website2Go is interactive: as you add pages, edit page elements, or even change the overall look of the entire site, you can see your changes as they are being made, and they will be available on the World Wide Web as soon as you click the Publish button. Because we've extensively tested website2Go, you'll create web pages with the confidence that they will look just the same on your customers' monitors as they do on yours.

Our goal is to give you the power and flexibility to manage your site the way your business requires. There are never extra charges for additions or changes to your site. When you decide it's time for changes - no matter how small or large - you can make them yourself at your convenience, and your changes can be online immediately.

The Editor
The breakthough website2Go Editor lets you build web pages online, in real time, using your favorite web browser. You'll create empty boxes for text, bulleted lists, headlines, subheads, captions, and links. Then you'll type or paste your copy into them, and arrange them on the page as you see fit, all using visually-intuitive onscreen control buttons.

You'll also upload GIF or JPG images from your own computer, and you can make any image a clickable link to another page on your site, or to any valid URL. With one click, you can add a customer response form, a "virtual breadcrumb" location reminder, or a powerful automatically-generated site map to any page. And after each change, the screen will refresh to reflect what you've done.

To add flair to your new site, you'll select from an extensive collection of tasteful, professionally-designed color schemes that include attractive background artwork and a carefully-chosen palette of text colors. Our artists have made it easy to create a great-looking site that you'll be proud to have represent your business.

There are even more powerful, sophisticated features in our patent-pending Editor. You can read about them in the User Guide, or, if you're the hands-on type of person who'd rather learn by doing, take the free Test Drive and experiment on The Restaurant, one of our many pre-built business templates.

Site Management Tools
In addition to the easy-to-use website2Go Editor, your subscription includes these free, password-protected management features:

Automated registration with most of the major Internet search engines - you control the keywords to match what your customers will be looking for in their searches, as well as the site description they will see in the search results.

Email forwarding and autoresponders - you can use your domain name in your return address ( and have your mail forwarded automatically to your present email address; you can also have website2Go send an automated acknowledgment to incoming mail, handy when you can't reply personally right away.

Access statistics - see how many visitors you're getting, where they're coming from, and which of your pages they're visiting most often.

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