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Pre-Sales FAQ
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What do I get for my monthly fee?
A professionally designed website complete with quality photography and interesting, sales-building information about your business running on our fast, reliable web hosting servers. You also get unlimited changes and updates with our exclusive, easy to use online editing technology and a complete email system for your business. You get detailed website visitor reports and an easy-to-use search engine submission system. You can use your existing domain name ( if you already have one, or get one through our automated domain registration system. All this plus easy-to-use online help guides, 1-800 customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How difficult is it going to be for me to edit my own site?
If you know how to use a browser, either Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer, you already know how to edit your own site. There is extensive online help plus an online tutorial.

Will you bill me every month?
Website2Go offers 3-month and a 12-month subscriptions. You will not be billed every month. Your subscription automatically takes care of billing. Should you desire to change your subscription you can request that change online, or call 877-WEB-2002 toll free.

Can I have the bill automatically deducted from a credit card?
Yes. The subscription automatically takes care of the billing through your credit card. In fact, if you order online, your new site is ready in less than 5 minutes from the moment you begin your order.

Can I have the bill automatically deducted from my checking account?
Website2Go doesn't yet offer this option. The number of banks and the number of required forms for each bank to allow for automatic deduction is presently prohibitive. Credit cards are a much easier method for billing.

How soon can I get my website?
As soon as you fill out the order form your site is built automatically according to the choices you made. From the start of the order process to having a complete site ready is less than 5 minutes. Once you have your site you can begin immediately to edit and make changes or additions.

How soon will my website be available to others to see?
The process of registering your domain name ( can take up to two days. The process of transferring a domain name if you already have one can also take up to two days. You have access to your website immediately and can use the address you are provided to give to others while the domain name is being registered. You will be notified automatically when the domain name registration process is ready with your domain name. At that time your website will be available to anyone on the Internet.

How hard is it to get the domain name I want?
Domain names are registered through several top-level domain name authorities. When you order your site you will be able to use the website2Go domain name checker. Many good and common names have been taken for several years now. Be creative: if a dot-com (.com) name is taken, try the same name using dot-org (.org) or dot-net (.net). The order form will respond with an error if the domain name you request is already taken.

How soon will I be able to use my domain name?
It may take as long as two days for your name to be registered and available on the domain name servers on the Internet. In the meantime you can edit and access your new site using the Internet address you received as part of your order confirmation. You will also be notified automatically by email when the new domain name is available for use.

How do I get my domain name?
Website2Go's order form automatically registers the domain name you choose, so long as it's not already taken. When you use the online order form one of the features is domain name selection. When you submit your order website2Go automatically contacts the domain name registration authority.

Will I have a special email address?
You will have at least one email address with your new domain name ( If you choose to add others, you have that option.

How easy is it for me to customize the site I get to suit my business?
The website2Go editor is a simple and straightforward tool. If you have experience using a browser, you will feel comfortable using the editor. Online help available for every editor feature makes it a snap to learn all the ins and outs.

Just exactly what is a template?
The website2Go templates are complete websites with multiple pages and internal links. Each template has been designed with a particular business model in mind. The sections and sub-pages of each template are appropriate for the business for which it is the template. The pictures and words are generic, of course, but they will apply to your business if you have selected an appropriate template. Every aspect of all the templates is editable and can be modified for your specific needs by your or someone else on your staff.

How much of the template can I change?
You have complete control over the template. It is built to your specifications when you fill out the order form, but once a website has been built, you are the webmaster for the site and you have complete edit, create, delete and replace authority for each file and image in the template.

What is your customer satisfaction guarantee?
Website2Go has a complete customer satisfaction guarantee. If you change your mind, your subscription fee will be returned in its entirety during the first 30 days. If you want your money back at any time following the first 30 days, your return will be pro-rated on the basis of the subscription you purchased and the remainder will be returned to you as credit on your credit card.

Who has access to changing my site?
No one but you has access to your site so far as editing is concerned. You can, of course, delegate that authority to another person but that is up to you. Website2Go manages and maintains the servers, the mail system and the rest of the underlying technology for your site. You manage and maintain your site.

What if I don't have access to the Internet?
There are many national Internet service providers, including Earthlink, America Online and many others. Your local telephone book will have a section on Internet service. Your local newspaper's business pages will also have advertisements for Internet service providers in your area.

How can I get access to the Internet?
It's very easy to get access. Most Internet service providers have listings in your local telephone pages and take out advertisements in the business section of your local paper. You will have to give them a call and set up an account. You will then need a computer with a modem or other means of accessing the Internet (DSL and cable-modem service are available in many locations today). Once you have your account set up you can use your computer's Internet access features to dial in. Macintosh and Windows systems both come with Internet assistants to help you get past this stage and onto the Internet. Windows 98 and Macintosh systems using Mac OS 8 or later come with an Internet assistant which will also find a local Internet service provider for you. If you can't get a computer or internet service account, there are still other means of getting access to the internet. Kinko's and several other office and copy centers now have internet access as a service they provide. There are also cybercafe's in many cities, including many smaller towns. There are kiosks for internet access at most local libraries. All of these are reasonable alternatives if getting an internet service to your home or office is not possible.

What if I am an AOL user?
If you have an AOL account, that's great. You will be able to access website2Go's website editor and other features with your existing account. If you use the AOL browser you will need to get a copy of either Netscape Navigator (or Communicator) or Microsoft Internet Explorer in order to upload images to your website because of limitations with the AOL browser which prevent it from properly uploading image files.

What if I have technical questions?
There are several places you can go if you have technical questions. Website2Go has extensive online help which ranges from the simple to the complex. If you prefer, there is also an online email system which allows you to pose technical or service questions directly to the website2Go staff at There is also toll-free telephone support at 1-877-215-8580. The telephone support is available from 9:00 am Eastern time to 11:00 pm Eastern time.

What about a shopping cart?
Shopping carts are an important element for an online business. Website2Go is committed to providing the best tools and the best service available on the Internet. The present version 2.5 of website2Go does not include a shopping cart feature. Shopping carts will be available in upcoming website2Go versions. Shopping carts will be an optional service. As a subscriber, you will automatically be notified of improvements in the website2Go features.

How much will extra features like shopping carts cost in addition to the subscription fee?
Website2Go is committed to competitive pricing and superior features and service. When shopping carts are available they will be priced extremely aggressively. You will be notified automatically by email when this and other new features are available.

When I sign up for a subscription what is my site like?
When you fill out the order form, you specify certain features for your website. Your new website will be a complete and impressive working site from the beginning. It will have a home page and several secondary pages to support a business website of the type you chose in the order form. Each template has been built with the particular elements and requirements of that business in mind. These sites have been built for your immediate use with very few changes - mostly those associated with your name and location.

Do I need to know HTML?
You don't need to know HTML to use or edit your website. The website2Go editor takes care of that for you. However, if you do know HTML, the website2Go editor allows you complete freedom to enter HTML code in any area of your website. The website2Go editor is designed with complete ease-of-use for both novice and expert users.

How much skill do I need to get going with website2Go?
If you know how to use a browser, you already have all the necessary to successfully edit and manage your website. If you are new to the Internet, the only skill requirement is being comfortable with either Netscape Navigator (or Communicator) or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

How much experience with the Internet do I need?
You will need to feel comfortable browsing the Internet - that's all the experience required. If you've ever used a word processor, spreadsheet, or other office or home program, you will feel right at home with the website2Go tools.

What if I have an old computer?
Website2Go doesn't require the latest or fastest or most powerful computer to work perfectly. The most important requirement is a good Internet connection. A 28.8k modem is the minimum recommended connection speed. If you have a 56k modem that's even better. Because all of website2Go's features are browser-based, if your computer can browse the Internet and you have at least a 28.8k modem you will be fine. Faster connections are better than a faster computer for this kind of activity.

What if I only have a slow modem?
You may have a modem which is an older 14.4k model or perhaps even a 9600bps model. Your experience using the website2Go editor will depend entirely on the speed of your Internet connection. If you have a slow modem (less than 28.8k) we recommend that you upgrade to a newer 56K model. These modems are now available for less than $100 (and often for a great deal less). The user experience at faster speeds is much more fulfilling.

What is the minimum recommendation for a computer and Internet to use this service?
There may be older Windows 486 or Macintosh 68k computers which you want to use. These machines are okay so long as they can be used now for browsing the web. If you wish to use such a machine and it is less than satisfactory using a browser to surf the Internet, your experience with website2Go will be the same. Recommended systems are any Windows Pentium-based system with at least 32 megabytes of random access memory and an Internet connection speed of 28.8k. Macintosh systems using a PowerPC at any speed above 100mHz with a 28.8k or greater speed modem are also fine.

What would you recommend as a step up from the minimum?
The most important component in using website2Go is not your computer but your Internet connection speed. Any Pentium II or PowerPC Macintosh running Windows 95, 98 or NT or MacOS 8 or greater with a 56k or faster Internet connection will be a very good platform from which to edit and manage your site.

You are here: Frequently Asked Questions > Pre-Sales FAQ
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