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Drag and Drop Editing
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Click and drag this icon to move an element to a new location
This four-way arrow is the "handle" for dragging an element to a different location--up, down, even sideways to a different column. The move occurs when the mouse button is released. While dragging, a ghost outline represents the element, and a black horizontal bar indicates where the element would be dropped if the mouse button were released.

Elements may be deleted by dragging them to the Trashcan. Doubleclick on the trashcan to open the trash contents window. Drag an item from that window back into the main window to restore it. Click on the X in the trash contents window to close it. Right-click on the trashcan icon (Mac users control-click) to pop up the Empty Trash command.
Recommended browsers
We recommend the following browsers for the best experience in the Drag and Drop Editor:
  • Firefox for any platform
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows
  • WaMCom (Mozilla 1.3.1) for Mac OS 9.
Limitations and notes
Drag and drop uses technology that may not be supported by older browsers. It has been tested and works well in Windows Internet Explorer 6.0, Windows Firefox 1.5, and Macintosh Firefox 1.5. Users of Mozilla 1.3 and later (all platforms) will probably have no problems. Most older browsers will probably not show the drag handle, but the other tools should function properly. Mac Internet Explorer users will see a Javascript error each time a page loads. In Safari, drag and drop only works the first time after a page is loaded or refreshed, but other tools are unaffected.

Some elements - the ones not represented by gray buttons at the bottom of the Navigation Bar - will not appear on the published page if dragged to the Navigation Bar, and their proxy images won't appear in the Editor. The elements are not lost! Dragging inappropriate elements, such as forms and tables, to the Navigation Bar can be a handy technique for moving them to a different page: drag to the Navigation Bar, switch to the new page, then drag into the Content or Sidebar column.

Certain moves that don't make sense are not permitted: the Home page cannot be moved out of the Navigation bar, a page cannot be moved out of the Navigation Bar into its own Content or Sidebar columns, and a page cannot be moved into one of its subpages.

When the mouse button is released to drop an element, you may see items jump around on the page before they settle into their new locations. This is normal.

After a Preview or Publish operation, your browser's Back button will return you to the last page retrieved from the server and may not reflect your recent dragging actions. If the page doesn't look the way you think it should, refresh the browser.

Drag and drop is not currently available for elements inside of forms or tables. Use the buttons instead.

Doubleclicking on the Trashcan to open its contents window does not work in Mac OS 9.

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