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Editor Upgrade (Spring 2004)
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This page summarizes changes to the Editor for customers already familiar with website2Go. The User Guide is in the process of being revised, but we did not want to make our subscribers wait for the powerful new tools. The following information describes features that are new or have changed.
Site Data screen
The Navigation Bar header ("Contents") and email link ("Send Us Email") may be hidden in the same manner as other page elements.
Element buttons in the Sidebar and Navigation Bar
Because the Sidebar width may now be increased, a full complement of element buttons is available. An expanded selection has been added to the Navigation Bar as well.
New menu item: Site Defaults
This upgrade includes several features requested most often by customers: adjustable column widths, the ability to vary the number of columns, the option of centering the layout in the browser window, and the option to format some pages differently from the rest of the site. These features are implemented through the concept of default versus custom pages.

Set the sitewide appearance of your pages in the new Site Defaults screen. You can specify the widths of each column, hide the Navigation Bar and/or Sidebar columns, and center pages in the browser window. There's also a shortcut to the Site Color screen. Your settings will be applied, after publishing, to all pages on your site that are not marked as having custom layout or color attributes.

Your site's initial layout and color defaults are inherited from its existing appearance. All custom layout and color features are optional. If you do nothing, your pages will be unchanged.

Any page may be exempted from the site defaults, by using new buttons in the Banner Bar at the top of the Editor screen. Layout and color are considered independently as either default or custom; default pages will follow the Site Defaults settings, while custom pages will not be affected by changes to the Site Defaults settings. Custom pages are marked in the Site Manager page list with small icons: "L" for custom layout and "C" for custom color.

New page element: Add Table
A new page element allows creation of multicelled HTML tables without writing any HTML. See Add Table for complete details on its use.
New Editor Banner Bar


The Add Banner and Edit Metadata buttons have been relocated from the Navigation Bar to the Banner Bar at the top of the Editor screen. The old Help button has been renamed User Guide. The Site Manager, Preview, and Publish buttons function as before. There are new shortcut buttons to Site Defaults and Site Data.

Three new buttons indicate the page's current status as default or custom. Clicking the Default Layout button enables the entry fields for column width, adds column show/hide controls, and changes the Align: Default button to Align Page with an icon representing the current setting. Remember, these controls affect only the page currently being edited, not the entire site, and using them will remove that page from the control of the Site Defaults screen.

Add Banner has been significantly upgraded. Most of the normal page elements may now be used in the new Banner area, and any page's banner area may be applied automatically to all pages of the site that don't already have their own custom banners. See Add Banner for details.

Please note...
If you take advantage of the added flexibility of this Editor upgrade, you assume more responsibility for the appearance of your pages. Use the Preview button to check your work.
  • Based on recent surveys, we recommend limiting the total width of pages to about 750 pixels.
  • If you hide the Navigation Bar, you will need to devise some other means for your visitors to get around your site.
  • Centering a page does not affect the background image, so your columns may not line up with their backgrounds. We recommend using only color schemes with solid-color or repeating-pattern backgrounds beneath centered pages.
  • Be careful when adding forms or bullet lists to the Sidebar: they require a column width of at least 300 pixels.
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