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How to use Add Caption
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Caption Use and Description
  • Captions are the text which appears below a photograph or graphic image. They are used to provide identifying information such as who is in the photograph or what the graphic image is intended to show.
  • Captions appear in the same color text as Headlines and Subheads, but are a smaller type size with more spacing between letters.
  • Captions uses a text size the same as a text field but colored.
  • Captions can also be used as yet another style of Subhead as shown below.
This is the classic Subhead style and size
Captions, as you can see, are slightly smaller with a little more space between the letters
Captions can be used as substitutes for Subheads if your page requires another level of colored text. Captions can be used to highlight aspects of that topic
Subheads should still be used to introduce major topical aspects of your web page.

Using text fields and Bulleted text fields gives you additional opportunities to differentiate information levels on the same web page.

Text should be used primarily when there is a lot of information to place on the page. Bulleted text can be used to create a "catalog-like" listing of the same information.

  • Bulleted text is useful for providing focus on the paragraphs of a text field.
  • Every carriage return within a Bulleted text field will begin with a "bullet" when viewed on the web page.
  • These bullets serve to bring the reader's attention to the beginning of the paragraph.
  • Ordinary text will allow you to create white space between paragraphs.
  • Bulleted text has white fields available, also. You use two carriage returns, just as you would with regular text.
This is the last aspect of the example
You can also use bulleted text and ordinary text together, as with the text area above and with this one. By using the element controls to remove space between the two different kinds of text field, you give the appearance of a continuous area of text (as with this text area).

Looking up the page you can see the variety of presentations available by using only 4 elements. These elements are:

  • The Subhead uses colored text and is larger than the text of a caption or text field.
  • Captions also use colored text and a smaller type size than a Subhead, but with somewhat more space between the letters.
  • Text fields allow you to create text with white space between the paragraphs. This is done by using two carriage returns when you enter the text.
  • Bulleted text fields create a "bullet," or dark blob at the beginning of each paragraph. If you wish to use white space between bullets, hit the carriage return twice.
Add Caption Button and Use

  • The Add Caption button will insert a caption element on your page. The caption element can then be moved up the page using the element controls. Space can also be added above the caption, again, using the element controls.
  • If you delete the caption, you will be presented with a web page dialog box which asks if you are sure you want to delete the item. This is to prevent accidental deletion. Clicking "OK" will delete the item. Clicking "Cancel" will preserve the item.
  • If you are using Captions as substitutes for Subheads or because you're interested in using colored text, you can use the "Show/Hide" button on the element controls to experiment with the appearance.
  • In combination with the "Show/Hide" button, you can use the "Preview" button instead of "Publish" to preview your change.
  • Clicking on the "Publish" button commits your work to the web page.
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You are here: Help Topics > Edit Website > Edit an existing template, site or page > How to use Add Caption
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How to use
Element tools



Click this to kill the item.

Click on this to move an item further down on the page.

Click on this to move an item further down on the page.

Click on this to move the item to the top of the page.

Click on this to add space between the item and the one above it.

Click on this to remove space between the item and the one above it.

This is the text alignment tool. Click on the left button to align text to the left margin. Click on the right button to center the text.

The left side of the Show/Hide tool will show green if the element is visible. The right side will show red if the element is hidden. Click opposite to achieve opposite effect.
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